Thursday, 5 July 2007

Too Hot

I am lying naked and stretched out on the bed. You kneel up on all fours beside me and cast a glance down at my cock, standing stiff and proud in anticipation.”Is it clean?” you will ask suspiciously, as you always do. It will be.

You’ll lean over me and dangle your tits in my face, suck on my nipple as I suck on yours.I’ll stroke your head as you suckle on me. Supporting yourself with one hand, you’ll reach out and find my cock. I’ll reach between your legs and you’ll part them slightly to allow my fingers in between your swollen cunt lips. I’ll feel you stiffen as I draw the juices out of your cunt and massage them into your clitoris, and as I roll your nipple around on the underside of my tongue. I’ll probe your arsehole with a thoroughly wetted thumb, three fingers now inside your cunt with just the little finger lying in your cleft and teasing your clitoris.Suddenly you will be able to stand it no more. You’ll throw yourself onto my cock and devour it as the first spasms of your orgasm hit. Your cries will be muffled as you close your lips around me but I’ll still be able to feel the vibrations coursing through me. I’ll carry on massaging you with my wrist bent at impossible angles, trying to satisfy your anus, g-spot and clitoris all at once. Then at last you will pull your head away from me, gasping and exhausted, shivering with sudden cold, as you always doYou will take up your submissive pose; on your knees, bum jutting up into the air, face buried in the pillow. A position that says-no, begs-’Take me, take me hard’. I’ll do just that. I’ll kneel upright behind your, clasping your buttocks roughly and ride your hard, pushing you down into the pillow and muffling your squeals with every thrust. When I come I’ll grab hold of your shoulders, the better to push you back onto me and reach even deeper inside you, before collapsing on top of you and mopping my sweat-soaked hair between your shoulderblades.

And then we’ll lie down beside each other, too hot to hold tight. We’ll trace our fingers lingeringly over each other’s bodies. Just before sleep overtakes us I’ll whisper “I love you” because that’s the last thing I want you to hear before you fall asleep.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Lustful Letters and Naughty Notes

I wanted to call this blog 'Lust Letters' because that is what I call the naughty little notes I write for my beloved. However, that name was already taken so this becomes 'Naughty Notes'. I thought 'Libidinous Lines' was a bit pretentious.

This is just a repository for all the random (and randy) thoughts I have about the different ways I want to make love to my beloved. If you happen across this place by chance, feel free to leave a comment but please bear in mind it is very much a work in progress.