Friday, 14 November 2008

Spit-Roast For Two

I’m not expecting this to happen tonight. Too tired, too drunk, work tomorrow. But sometime soon I hope we can put that workout bench in the bedroom to good use.

We’ve already ’christened’ it. We’ve already found out that, with you kneeling on it on all fours, I can slide easily into your cunt without crouching or standing on tiptoe, and that your arsehole is presented to me wide open and at just the right angle so that I can nestle up against you and ease myself into you.

I have thought of another use for that bench:

I don’t know too much about what you got up to before I met you, although you mention things from time and this tantalises me and turns me on, I must confess, like the other night when you told me how all the boys used to swarm around you. But I don’t know, for example, if you have ever tried being fucked by two men at once. Of course, a monogamous lifestyle does rather preclude that by definition but we have tried to simulate it in the past, sometimes with hilarious results as, for example, a slippery dildo shoots out of your tight cunt with the speed of a bullet just as I am pushing into your arsehole, or you are concentrating more on accommodating my length in your throat

This is where the bench comes in. It is covered with a vinyl material to which the suction cup on the end of your unfeasably large dildo (’modeled on an actual porn star!’) will stick and stay put – yes, I have been experimenting! With you lying face down on the bench we can position you so that you are impaled on it while I stand astride the bench by your head and you can take my cock between your lips and gently rock backwards and forwards, pleasuring both yourself and me with one economic movement, a proper spit roast, and we can see who comes first.

We can’t neglect the third hole, what it’s like to try three men. We could put a dildo up in your arse as well, when you were all wet and relaxed. No fear of that one falling out; we’d use the inflateable one, pumped up to the point where it just starts to get too much, then deflated just a little.

Or maybe I could attend to your silky, tight little arse personally, and we could find something else to occupy your lips and throat. A very good quality soft silicone dildo, perhaps, that didn’t taste of plastic. We’ll just have to investigate that, although the local sex-shops might think it a kink too far if we went round doing taste-tests on their selection of dildoes.

But all this is for you to think over for another occasion. Tonight I’ll be content with you showing off that new bra and panties set you bought today.