Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Another flight of fantasy

When I come to you, you are reclining on a bed draped with black satin sheets. You are wearing your red heels of course, and fishnet stockings. They are attached to the suspenders on the bustier which gathers your generous breasts and pushes them up until they very nearly overflow. The darker tones of your areolae are just visible, hinting at the plump, still-hidden nipples which I fully intend to wrap my tongue around later. There is a thin gold chain at your throat, and a solitary diamond stud in each ear. Your lips are painted a deep, sensual red, almost brown-red. The colour of an engorged nipple.

My whole body is aching to take hold of you, press you to me hard, to feel you and to kiss you all over, but I resist the temptation to go over to you straight away. I want to see you first, to feast my eyes on you as you turn around slowly in front of me. Then I ask you to to do it once more for me , but this time with your arms behind your head.

Now I can see for the first time that little triangle of black satin, framed by the suspenders and stocking tops, funnelling down between your legs and almost invisible from behind. My cock is straining against the fabric of my trousers, my arousal plain for you to see. I loosen the waistband and let them fall, pull off my shirt and go to you, crushing you to me. With one hand I grab at your bottom while the other reaches around the back of your neck, closing on it in a pincer action. You throw your head back and I plant my lips on yours, greedily devouring you.

You slip a hand down between our bodies and grab hold of my cock from above, encirling the base with thumb and forefinger, like a human cock ring, and gripping hard, cupping my balls at the same time. You pull and twist and grip harder and harder and this just makes me crush your lips harder to mine.

Breathlessly we fall apart. I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head back and kiss your throat as with the other hand I ease your breasts free. I take as much of your right breast into my mouth as I can manage. I flick your nipple and roll it around with my tongue. You still have total control over my cock and are grinding yourself onto it, guiding it onto the exact spot and pleasuring yourself on its hardness, using me as your sex toy. My free hand slides down you body, drawn as if by a magnet to that tiny silky thong and that which it is barely hiding. My fingers stray off to one side and the other, savouring the perfect softness and smoothness of your outer lips. Then the wisp of fabric is pushed to one side and my fingertips are inside you, paddling in your wetness. I bring my hand up and trace around your nipple with a soaked finger, then lick off your sweet juices. I collect another load, thick and sweet like honey, on two fingers this time and lick them clean before kissing you deeply so that you can share the intoxicating taste of you. Then they are back down there again, this time pushing your thong as deep up inside you as I can manage.

I need more of this. I sink to my knees and wrap my arm around you, pulling my face hard onto your crotch. I nuzzle the drenched fabric to one side and lap greedily at your juices until they run down my chin. I sit back, licking my lips and, none too gently, flay the tiny g-string from your body, roll it into a ball and stuff it deep inside you until it is thoroughly drenched. I pull it out and, holding your head back by your hair once again, slowly and meticulously stuff it into your mouth.

A silk scarf has so many uses in the bedroom that I always keep one handy. I find one and tie it round your head as a simple gag to keep the sodden panties in place. Now I want you on all fours on the bed. I lie face down between your legs and let you lower yourself onto me. I am going to lick you to orgasm. I alternate between teasing your clit with the tip of my tongue, gliding the smooth underside of my tongue all over and around it, and drawing in great mouthfuls of your labia and gently chewing on them and delighting in the baby-smoothness of the outer lips and the ruffles of the inner. Two fingers of one hand are pushed up inside you and an exploratory finger of the other hand is wetted and presssed gently up against your arsehole until it pops inside. You are rocking backwards and forwards on me now, grinding yourself into my face and your juices are flowing so freely that I fear I might either suffocate of drown, or both. Your orgasm is long and drawn out, your cries muffled by the improvised gag.

I wait until the after-shocks have subsided before extricating myself from beneath you. I roll you gently over onto your front, remove the gag, and slide my aching cock inside you. I spread your arms out to either side of you and pin you down by the wrists as I enter you with short, hard jabs. One day I will restrain those wrists in leather cuffs, and your ankles for that matter, but not tonight.

When I have shot my load deep inside you I again bury my face between your legs, suck my warm spunk out of you again and, having filled my mouth with our combined juices, I ask you to kneel up facing me. I kiss you deeply so that our tongues swim together in that erotic cocktail before we let it escape, dribbling over our chins and onto our chests where we can rub it into each others’ skin.

There is so much else I still want to explore with you. More than anything I want to fuck your arse and then for you to fuck mine with a SHARE dildo, but let this be sufficient for now

After all, we have to leave something for next time…

Friday, 29 October 2010

With the House to Ourselves...

Alone in the house tonight: A rare treat and one that is soon to become even rarer. I hope you agree we must make sure we take advantage of this opportunity. I suggest we get supper out of the way as soon as possible, open a bottle of decent red wine and retreat upstairs as soon as possible to devote the entire evening and a good part of the night to each other, to our desires, to sex.

You’ll have your own ideas of how we can use the time, of course, but you will find that I have already been drinking pineapple juice to sweeten the taste of my spunk. I will ultimately want you to kneel in front of me while I unload into your mouth, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

As soon as we have closed up and retired to our private little stronghold we will lock the doors and I want you to submit to having your collar and wrist and ankle cuffs strapped firmly on, even though you are still wearing your day-clothes. At some point I will undress you and will strap you into your leather harness and o-ring gag. I will undress as well and we will pleasure each other, either standing up or lying on the bed.

You will suck my cock as I lick at your clitoris, finger your cunt and make your arsehole ready to receive. First to go up there will br the n-joy, cold and hard but oh so smooth and subtly curved, slipping past your ring muscles bump by bump until it is in as deep as it will go and you have acquired a shiny steel tail. By this time you will be well and truly wet and I will be breathing in your unique, captivating perfume and lapping up your sweet nectar. Carefully I will draw the njoy out of you again and you won’t be able to resist giving a sharp little intake of breath or a little moan of pleasure as each bump stretches you a little again in its way out.

By now your arsehole will be ready for something a little more filling. The inflatable butt-plug, well-lubed of course, will be gently introduced and inflated. You will move over into the old armchair where you will be attached to the chair legs by your ankles so that you are spread wide. A chain attached to the collar will run down behind the chair and be fastened so that you cannot bend forward. Nipple clamps will be put on you, your wrist-cuffs will be locked together and attached to the clamps by a chain of such a length that when you reach down to your clitoris (as I want you to do) it will tug at your nipples. In this position you will masturbate yourself until you orgasm and I will stand over you and watch. You will have the njoy on hand to help you if you wish and your co-operation in this will be encouraged by use of the riding crop on your breast and inner thighs.

When you have come, I will release you from the chair and you will kneel while I wank myself off into your mouth. You will hold my semen there until I sit up on the bed, you will then sit on my lap and, under the guise of a kiss, dribble it into my mouth.

That’s just for starters, by the way. After a little recovery time, during which you will not be allowed to change your outfit, it will be back unto the bedroom for some proper old-time fucking.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

You Know What I Want

You know what I want because I have whispered it to you. Whispered it to turn that first trickle of moisture between your legs into a flood. Whispered it to you when, in the final throes of ecstacy, I push you once and for all over the edge and you come, screaming, crying and clutching onto me.

You wear the leather harness, strapped tight under your crotch, over your shoulders and around your waist.

You wear the studded leather collar.

You wear the broad leather wrist and ankle cuffs.

You wear the O-ring leather head harness, buckled up tight.

You wear the nun’s headdress, your hair scraped back under it out of sight.

You sit quietly on the bed with your wrists in your lap, cuffed together and chained to your ankles, and watch while I slowly assemble the rest of the equipment.

The spreader bars, the flogger, the leather-covered paddle, the riding crop.

The pony’s tail butt plug.

You are hung up in the doorway by a heavy length of chain and softened up with a few sharp bites from the riding crop on your bottom. Then lash after lash with the flogger raining down over your shoulders until I judge you have had enough. I push myself onto you, thrusting my tongue into your mouth past the metal ring. I grab your crotch. Hard. It is hot, hairy and, despite your proteststions, very very wet.

You are let down from the doorway and led, by the chain on your collar, to the bed. You lie face down with your arms outstretched to either side. The length of chain is passed under the bed and attached to each wrist, as tight as it will go because I know you like to be stretched out. I know you have a secret, dark desire to be transported back to the middle ages and experience the agony of the rack, to be laid out on a rough wooden bench in a damp cellar whose bloodstained walls are lit only by guttering torches, the great drum ratcheting round relentlessly and mercilessly, the harsh ropes tearing into your wrists and ankles until every sinew is taut and burning and the laughter of your tormentors is ringing in your ears For now the chain will have to do; the rough, cold, heavy chain weighing you down.

Your ankles are held apart with the spreader bar, exposing your most intimate parts for all the world to see. You’ve been a naughty little novice nun and you need to be punished. You’ve been having impure thoughts and you need to be taught what impure thoughts can lead to.

The pony tail butt blug is pushed up inside you, stretching your rectum, because this naughty little nun likes it in the arse. She likes her arse filled with big fat cock. She also likes a good hard cock in her cunt but here your expectations soon turn to dismay as first two fingers, then three, four and finally the whole hand is thrust up inside that soaking wet hole and you realise that, having been stretched so wide open, you’ll be getting no cock in there.

The hand is withdrawn and there is more pain to come, from riding crop, flogger and paddle on your shoulders, buttocks and backs of legs. Then more fisting, and more whipping, and more fisting, and more whipping. You pray for the cock to be thrust into your arse, because the only other alternative now is your mouth, but the butt plug stays put. The cock is being kept clean for a purpose. The crushing inevitability hits you that when the whipping is over there will be one final humiliation.

At last, it will be time for the nun to fall to her knees in abject penitence. You are released from your chains and you kneel on the floor beside the bed. You know what to do next. You clasp your hands together in prayer and they are locked to each other at the wrists. You lift your face towards me as I stand before you, open your mouth wide behind that O-ring, ready to receive me, and I fill that receptacle with my semen. This you retain in your mouth for as long as I wish it and you then SLOWLY dribble my semen out over your breasts so that I can smear it into your skin.

If you comply with these strictures satisfactorily you will be rewarded by my reaching down to your crotch once again and bringing you to your orgasm, while I suck on your salty nipples.

Then I think we’ll both have deserved a stiff drink. G and T, heavy on the G, with a dash of lime for you, if I remember correctly?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

On Your Knees

Do you remember that time we put a dildo on the exercise bench so that you could be fucked from both ends at once?

Right at the finish you sat upright, threw back your head and took the full length of the dildo inside you. I stood over you and emptied my load of spunk over your tits.

At the time I said that I would want you to kneel down in front of me while I stoked my cock until I came in your mouth. You said that might be a possibility.

I've been building on that fantasy a bit since then. Here's the scenario:

You are wearing your leather collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. You are kneeling upright with your ankles attached to each other, and to the collar via a chain or metal bar. Your arms are under your breasts, supporting them, and your hands are pressed together as if in prayer and are joined at the wrist. You are blindfolded.

You will kneel there passively with your mouth open. You will not speak. When I push the head of my cock past your parted lips you will not close them around it, you will not brush it with your tongue, you will not suck. Your only function is as a receptacle, a vessel, for my semen.

My cock will be strong and hard at the sight of you. I will stroke it slowly but firmly. When I come it will not be in a frenzy of spunk flying in all directions, but a calm, dispassionate depositing of my semen in your mouth. There will be plenty of it as I will have made sure not to have ejaculated for a long time in advance.

You will hold my semen in your open mouth until, at my command, you will slowly dribble it down your chin to drip over your uplifted breasts. That is the picture I want to take with me in my head and also, maybe, on my secure memory stick.

For my part, I promise to have a very large gin ready for when you have fulfilled your task. It may be that you will need a large gin beforehand as well. That can also be arranged.

What's in it for you? Afterwards I might stretch you out and give you a bloody good thrashing.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Sugasm #166

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Friday, 15 May 2009


The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants.

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Friday, 1 May 2009

Just Looking

I want to take the time to look at you properly for once.

It's so easy to fall into a routine. Most of the time I am already in bed by the time you are finished in the bathroom. You slide under the duvet next to me, snuggle up close and lift your head for me to slide an arm under. The closeness of you is sweet and beautiful, and I couldn't live without it, but I adore every square inch of you and every so often I just need to feast my eyes on you.

So I will sit in the old armchair in the bedroom and wait for you to join me. I will ask you to stand there in front of me and to remove your clothing piece by piece. Then when you are naked save, perhaps, for a thin necklace or simple bracelet the more to accentuate your beautiful nakedness, I will ask you to cover yourself up as best you can with your hands and then slowly reveal all of yourself to me.

I will softly ask you to turn around so that I can appreciate all of you. The fullness of your breasts and the band of girlish freckles above them, the curve of your thighs and the dark wispy curls between them, shielding your sweetest treasure from my loving, longing, lustful gaze.

I will ask you to pause a while when you are standing sideways-on. I want to enjoy looking at a hint of pubic hair projecting in front of your thighs, before gazing at the subtle curve of the soft underside of your breasts.

As you turn your back to me I will admire the full roundness of your bum. I will ask you to part your legs and bend over slowly.

And after that I don’t think I will be able to control myself any longer.