Friday, 11 January 2008

Another Little Fantasy

I have long been thinking that we are going to have to get you a new collar. Of the two we have, the one is good and broad but too small, rather stiff and with rough edges and the other is rather narrow, although the way it is made, with metal rings joined by strips of leather, makes it easy if you want to attach other things to it.

What we need is a broad, stiff, padded leather collar that holds your chin up high but does not chafe unnecessarily, in good quality leather with a buckle that does not pinch the skin and at least two metal rings for attaching snap-locks.

I would be very happy to see you wearing a collar around the house every day. You would be free to move about and yet ready to have a chain or leash attached to you at a moment’s notice, but I have a special use for the collar I have in mind.

I know you enjoy being restrained, and I know that you are turned on by the idea of being stretched a little, but hanging you up by the arms in the door frame is a little too uncontrolled when your whole body weight is imposed all at once on your wrists, elbows and shoulders, It’s all or nothing and I have the suspicion that what would really excite you would be a slow increase in traction so that you could really feel those muscles and sinews being gradually stretched, while you were bound and helpless.

A good old fashioned rack is impractical, at least until we can buy a house with a dungeon, so I have dreamed up this which might be the next best thing…

You are lying face-down on the bed, possibly with pillows under your tummy. You have leather wrist and ankle cuffs on, fitted with snap locks. You are wearing the leather collar and the rubber bit gag.

Your legs are spread and are joined together by a rope which is attached to one ankle and passes under the bed to be attached to the other. This rope is loose to start with but by inserting a stick through a loop in the rope is can be gradually tightened so that your legs are slowly opened wider.

Your wrists are locked to rings on the collar, one under each ear and your elbows are above your head. A broom handle or similar passes through the crook of each elbow and this broom handle is tied to the bars at the head of the bed. In this way you would be restrained and stretched. The whole length of your back would be exposed to any lashing I might care to administer, your bottom would be ripe for smacking, my hands would have free access to your most intimate parts and I would be able to bring you to within a screaming hairs’ breadth of an orgasm, though without the possibility of closing your legs it would possibly be more like torment with your body twisting and writhing uselessly against the ropes, and ultimately I could mount you and violate you unimpeded while you whimpered your futile protests.

Are you getting wet now?