Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Another flight of fantasy

When I come to you, you are reclining on a bed draped with black satin sheets. You are wearing your red heels of course, and fishnet stockings. They are attached to the suspenders on the bustier which gathers your generous breasts and pushes them up until they very nearly overflow. The darker tones of your areolae are just visible, hinting at the plump, still-hidden nipples which I fully intend to wrap my tongue around later. There is a thin gold chain at your throat, and a solitary diamond stud in each ear. Your lips are painted a deep, sensual red, almost brown-red. The colour of an engorged nipple.

My whole body is aching to take hold of you, press you to me hard, to feel you and to kiss you all over, but I resist the temptation to go over to you straight away. I want to see you first, to feast my eyes on you as you turn around slowly in front of me. Then I ask you to to do it once more for me , but this time with your arms behind your head.

Now I can see for the first time that little triangle of black satin, framed by the suspenders and stocking tops, funnelling down between your legs and almost invisible from behind. My cock is straining against the fabric of my trousers, my arousal plain for you to see. I loosen the waistband and let them fall, pull off my shirt and go to you, crushing you to me. With one hand I grab at your bottom while the other reaches around the back of your neck, closing on it in a pincer action. You throw your head back and I plant my lips on yours, greedily devouring you.

You slip a hand down between our bodies and grab hold of my cock from above, encirling the base with thumb and forefinger, like a human cock ring, and gripping hard, cupping my balls at the same time. You pull and twist and grip harder and harder and this just makes me crush your lips harder to mine.

Breathlessly we fall apart. I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head back and kiss your throat as with the other hand I ease your breasts free. I take as much of your right breast into my mouth as I can manage. I flick your nipple and roll it around with my tongue. You still have total control over my cock and are grinding yourself onto it, guiding it onto the exact spot and pleasuring yourself on its hardness, using me as your sex toy. My free hand slides down you body, drawn as if by a magnet to that tiny silky thong and that which it is barely hiding. My fingers stray off to one side and the other, savouring the perfect softness and smoothness of your outer lips. Then the wisp of fabric is pushed to one side and my fingertips are inside you, paddling in your wetness. I bring my hand up and trace around your nipple with a soaked finger, then lick off your sweet juices. I collect another load, thick and sweet like honey, on two fingers this time and lick them clean before kissing you deeply so that you can share the intoxicating taste of you. Then they are back down there again, this time pushing your thong as deep up inside you as I can manage.

I need more of this. I sink to my knees and wrap my arm around you, pulling my face hard onto your crotch. I nuzzle the drenched fabric to one side and lap greedily at your juices until they run down my chin. I sit back, licking my lips and, none too gently, flay the tiny g-string from your body, roll it into a ball and stuff it deep inside you until it is thoroughly drenched. I pull it out and, holding your head back by your hair once again, slowly and meticulously stuff it into your mouth.

A silk scarf has so many uses in the bedroom that I always keep one handy. I find one and tie it round your head as a simple gag to keep the sodden panties in place. Now I want you on all fours on the bed. I lie face down between your legs and let you lower yourself onto me. I am going to lick you to orgasm. I alternate between teasing your clit with the tip of my tongue, gliding the smooth underside of my tongue all over and around it, and drawing in great mouthfuls of your labia and gently chewing on them and delighting in the baby-smoothness of the outer lips and the ruffles of the inner. Two fingers of one hand are pushed up inside you and an exploratory finger of the other hand is wetted and presssed gently up against your arsehole until it pops inside. You are rocking backwards and forwards on me now, grinding yourself into my face and your juices are flowing so freely that I fear I might either suffocate of drown, or both. Your orgasm is long and drawn out, your cries muffled by the improvised gag.

I wait until the after-shocks have subsided before extricating myself from beneath you. I roll you gently over onto your front, remove the gag, and slide my aching cock inside you. I spread your arms out to either side of you and pin you down by the wrists as I enter you with short, hard jabs. One day I will restrain those wrists in leather cuffs, and your ankles for that matter, but not tonight.

When I have shot my load deep inside you I again bury my face between your legs, suck my warm spunk out of you again and, having filled my mouth with our combined juices, I ask you to kneel up facing me. I kiss you deeply so that our tongues swim together in that erotic cocktail before we let it escape, dribbling over our chins and onto our chests where we can rub it into each others’ skin.

There is so much else I still want to explore with you. More than anything I want to fuck your arse and then for you to fuck mine with a SHARE dildo, but let this be sufficient for now

After all, we have to leave something for next time…