Tuesday, 21 August 2007

What I Also Want For My Birthday

A lap-dance:

Probably better if you give me this. Probably better if you suggest to, for example, your mother that she think of something else.

I will sit in a chair, smartly dressed like a businessman. You will dress provocatively, with a ¼-cup bra or maybe a basque under a thin blouse. Sexy panties or a g-string under your skirt.

I will be sitting in a chair and the strict rules of lap-dancing will apply - at least to start with. I will keep my hands firmly on the arms of the chair and whether any part of your body is to touch mine will be for you to decide.

You will dance provocatively in front of me (I will provide the music) and you will slowly shed your clothes. Start by coming in close, barely touching the backs of my motionless hands and my face with your breasts. Lightly kiss and stroke my face. Turn around and rub your bottom up against my groin, feeling me stiffen through the cloth of my trousers.

Do this over and over again in various states of undress, slowly stripping until you are naked

Then carry on slowly in the same way as you begin to unbutton my shirt, teasing and just barely rubbing your skin up against mine. Continue to undo my trousers and pull them down, the same with my underpants.

I will continue to be motionless throughout the whole of this while you brush various parts of your body against various parts of mine.

I will leave it to your judgement how you want things to develop from there…