Wednesday, 26 August 2009

On Your Knees

Do you remember that time we put a dildo on the exercise bench so that you could be fucked from both ends at once?

Right at the finish you sat upright, threw back your head and took the full length of the dildo inside you. I stood over you and emptied my load of spunk over your tits.

At the time I said that I would want you to kneel down in front of me while I stoked my cock until I came in your mouth. You said that might be a possibility.

I've been building on that fantasy a bit since then. Here's the scenario:

You are wearing your leather collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. You are kneeling upright with your ankles attached to each other, and to the collar via a chain or metal bar. Your arms are under your breasts, supporting them, and your hands are pressed together as if in prayer and are joined at the wrist. You are blindfolded.

You will kneel there passively with your mouth open. You will not speak. When I push the head of my cock past your parted lips you will not close them around it, you will not brush it with your tongue, you will not suck. Your only function is as a receptacle, a vessel, for my semen.

My cock will be strong and hard at the sight of you. I will stroke it slowly but firmly. When I come it will not be in a frenzy of spunk flying in all directions, but a calm, dispassionate depositing of my semen in your mouth. There will be plenty of it as I will have made sure not to have ejaculated for a long time in advance.

You will hold my semen in your open mouth until, at my command, you will slowly dribble it down your chin to drip over your uplifted breasts. That is the picture I want to take with me in my head and also, maybe, on my secure memory stick.

For my part, I promise to have a very large gin ready for when you have fulfilled your task. It may be that you will need a large gin beforehand as well. That can also be arranged.

What's in it for you? Afterwards I might stretch you out and give you a bloody good thrashing.


Anonymous said...

Your woman is very lucky!

Rex Venom said...

Rock on

sex blog said...

Wow...effin' HOT!!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh oh oh....i like this!