Saturday, 27 October 2007


There is a dining chair in the bedroom. It's there because we no longer have a dining room, but it's too good to get rid of...

I will prepare for this scenario by finding the leg-spreaders, the leather wrist cuffs, the blindfold and gag, plus a length of chain and the riding crop.

Under my instruction you will undress and sit in the chair. I will put the wrist cuffs on you and join them together. I will put the spreader bar behind the front legs of the chair and strap your ankles to it. I will blindfold you and I will put the rubber bit in your mouth, strapping it firmly behind your head. I will run a chain from that strap, underneath the chair to the spreader bar, so as to pull your head back.

You will then masturbate while I watch. If you show any reluctance I will use the riding crop to encourage you and to concentrate your mind on the task.

When you have satisfied yourself you will do the same for me, and I will spurt my semen up between your breasts, where you will rub it in before I release you.

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