Monday, 29 October 2007


My darling:

I mentioned something along these lines on Sunday. Now I have had time to think through what I really wanted to say. Let’s do this soon!

One evening, or perhaps a weekend, when we are alone and unlikely to be disturbed I want us to set aside some time for just us.

I know that this is difficult. Pressures of work crowd in, and we both have other commitments. Usually we don’t go into the bedroom together before bedtime, but just for once I would like us to put all other pressing business aside. There is always something that needs our attention but occasionally it is ourselves that need our attention.

The room will be lit by candles, with the heating turned up high so that we can lie on the bed and still feel warm. We’ll start standing up. We’ll undress each other. Slowly.

Still standing, facing each other, naked, we’ll start to run our fingers over each other’s bodies. Lightly, but not so lightly as to tickle. We’ll explore every square inch of each other but just by touch. The most obvious erogenous zones will, however, be given a wide berth; we will regard each others skin as one large erogenous zone. We will refrain from holding, hugging or kissing. Just touching.

After a while we will adjourn to the bed, kneeling, facing each other, still just touching. I will brush my fingers down the line of your jaw, the curve of your breast. I will cup your face in my hands because I love the gentle trusting way you look up at me when your face is cupped in my hands.

We will lie together. Facing each other, with you face up and me face down and vice versa. We will stroke each others backs, thighs, buttocks, shoulders. And we will gaze at each other. For a whole hour or more we will be totally absorbed in each other. I don’t know whether you can stand to look at me for an hour; all I know that an eternity would not be enough for me to tire of gazing at you, perfect in your nakedness.

And when the time has passed, what then? I don’t know. Do we go and cook ourselves some supper? Finish off those pressing little administrative jobs in the office which will never go away? Watch a bit of television? Stay in the bedroom, draw each other closer and consummate our passion like never before?

In a way it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that we will have made time for each other. That I had precious time alone with you; my wife, my lover, my best friend.


Lady in red said...

so beautiful, tender and heartfelt

I hope this happens for you

Fat Controller said...

Lady: It's just a matter of making the time, and now she knows what's on my mind I think it will be sooner rather than later...but we've got a busy week coming up!

Catalina Ramirez said...

Wives all over the world are saying, "awwwwwwwwwwwwwww" as they read this.

I think it's beautiful.

Fat Controller said...

Catalina: Thank you. It was just a little plea for some 'us' time in our hectic life!